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  • WE GOT THAT FIRE for Spring on 4th

    The Spring on 4th Festival in Southside Bethlehem is on Saturday April 26th. Chilli, live music, sales and of course, The Homebase HOT Pepper Eating Contest for a $200 HB Gift Card.

  • Homebase Shop Video Discography: 2001-2013

    The complete Homebase Skateshop video discography from 2001-2013 for your viewing pleasure. From "City Without Spots" where it all began to our newest offering, "LEMMEGETDATFOOTY." One day we'll make this into a DVD box set. . . one day.

  • Christmas Completed 2013

    The complete story behind 2013?s Christmas Complete Giveaway (finally, it’s already 2014…). Nothing written here can fully describe how awesome it was to see these kid’s faces light up when we pulled their brand new skateboards out from the backroom and hand it to them but hey, it’s a good read…

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