While You Were Sleeping: Phase 2 Opened

Tuesday November 2oth.  The last day we only had Phase 1 to skate.

Wednesday November 21st.  I’m proud Homebase played a role in 610 skateboarding history.

The reporter from WFMZ asked what it me what it felt like to be opening the 2nd phase of the Bethlehem Skateplaza and I think my response was “It’s surreal.”  There are no words that can fully describe what its like to know deep down you played a part in creating something that you, your best friends and other skateboarders you don’t even know could come use.  Maybe some appreciate what that role is and maybe some don’t; skating attracts all types of people but in the end it’s for all of you to enjoy- forever.

All I’ve ever asked those of you who visit the skateplaza is: Respect the plaza, keep it clean, keep all the nonsense out and we’ll keep building because Phase 2 is only half of what the City of Bethlehem allowed Chad Shaner, Erich Hornung and I to dream up.

For those who support us, thank you for helping us realize that dream.

-Andrew Po

Pre-ribbon cutting wallride.  Maybe the one luxury I took for the work I put in- a few minutes before the hordes of skaters, BMXers and scooters would cover every inch of cement.

The stage is set.

Important people begin to gather.  Ralph Carp, our head of Parks & Recreation.

Only a ribbon separating Phase 1 and 2 now.

B-Roll shots.


No better time for an Instagram photo right?

Our Mayor & huge skateplaza supporter from the start, Mayor John Callahan.

Those who waited patiently and respectfully for the people who made the skateplaza a reality for us.

“Shred the ‘Za?  Is that what Andy Po would say?” -Major Callahan


Sharp objects and a gang of little kids ready to run towards them.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6. . .

. . .5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . .


Controlled mayhem.

YouTube Preview ImageOpening Day.  Edit by Matt Pepe.

Lil’ Based God goes right for the 10.

If I’m not mistaken, the first trick to go down was technically John’s front 180- then he fakie ollied it.

The first rail trick landed was Nate Gaugler’s front smith- on the higher side.

AJ Rogers, kickflip.

Brendan Spohn, frontside rock.  I know he was dying to skate this as soon as it was framed out.

John Shanahan, front blunt.

Chris Berner, front board.

Karl claimed this boneless all week.  Not a make but lil’ homie gave it his all.

Whiteyblackman approved.

Pensyl SHUT IT DOWN.  Not only did he frontside disaster the high wall when I had doubts anyone could get to the top- this blunt fakie was beastly.

Instagram angle.

Props to Jason from Grindline who handled the pump for most of the shotcrete work in Phase 2 with Who Skateparks & 5th Pocket Design.  He came through the next day and raged around blasting ollies out of the big hip.  He said he always wanted to do that.  And I do remember him saying once that he rarely got to skate the parks he worked on because he’d move on to the next job so quickly

That might have been one of the more awesome moments since Phase 2 opening- watching Jason enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Thank you to all the people who made this possible. (Edit by Sean Smith)

Enjoy the rest of the Jaime Heim & Mike Panic’s photos from the event below:







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