While You Were Sleeping: KOTV Ended


Thank you to all the King of the Valley Teams & supporters that came out to The Burners last night to see all the KOTV video edits and who would take home the $500 cash prize.  I can’t apologize enough for all the technical difficulties that prevented us from viewing a few of the DVDs.

In the next week we’ll be interviewing all the KOTV Teams then posting up their answers and videos ups for you to view and vote on.  The team that gets the most votes will take home the KOTV People’s Choice Prize Pack courtesy of Homebase & our other KOTV sponsors.

Congrats to the Prime Skateshop team for taking the crown for our first ever King of the Valley Competition.  They completed the most challenges all around and put in the time at Northampton Skatepark even though they had to drive all the way down from Jersey.  Just goes to show what you can do when you really commit to something and keep a good attitude about skateboarding.

Coming in behind them was Holistic Skateshop, Team Lost Soul & The Dookie Booty Crew.  A full rundown of King of the Valley and how you can vote for your favorite KOTV edit will be up soon.

Thank you again to out sponsors Converse, Lost Soul Skatweboards, L-R-G, Stance Socks, Ray Gurz for all his support, Jamie Heim and all the skateboarders who participated in KOTV.

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