While You Were Sleeping: Form & Function

“Can we skate that BMW?” -me

“Hell yeah.” – Brian from the Form & Function Car Show.

Not the normal conversation for most car show promoters but since the show included a skate jam and was being held to raise money for Autism awareness. . . . it was not the average car show.  Thanks to Automedix and Sudz Auto Spa in Allentown for hosting and inviting us to be a part great event with a great purpose. . . .  not to mention giving us a chance to skate an automobile for the 2nd weekend in a row too.

According to the Autism Speaks website, Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability effecting 1 out 101 children.  It is defined as “a general term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD).”

There is no cure or medical explanation for the cause of Autism but through a grassroots non-profit called A. Skate, families are learning that skateboarding can be therapeutic for children who live with Autism. Crys Worley, a mother of an Autistic skateboarder runs A.Skate and travels the world putting on clinics at skateparks for the local Autistic communities.  Skateboarders come and volunteer their time to assist the children learn the basics of skating and because of the independent nature of skateboarding, they have had a high success rate engaging the kids.  Learn more about A.Skate from Chris Nieratko’s write-up on ESPN.com.

Form & Function Best Trick Winner, Luis Castro with that nollie inward heelflip over the Bimmer.   Photo by Matt Pepe

Izzy Gonzalez, kickflip.  Photo by Geech

AJ Rogers, hardflip.  Photo by Po

Joey Rodriguez, ollie.  Photo by Matt Pepe

John Shanahan, frontside 180 on switch 180 off.  Photo by Matt Pepe

One more from John, nose manny.  Photo by Izzy Gonzalez

Jibril Perry, nosesliding roofs.  Photo by Matt Pepe

Hopefully, the Form and Function Car Show will not be the last event Homebase is involved with the support Autism awareness and maybe one day soon we will get to host an A.Skate event in the Lehigh Valley.

Happy Birthday to Dmitri too.  Thanks to everyone who came out, all the skaters and congrats the whole crew from Form & Function for putting on a great event.



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