We Made It! Welcome to 2013.

Well, the world did not end as the Mayans predicted.  Thank God because there’s still a lot we want to do in the skateboarding scene.

Very excited to start working on new projects, new events and see what teams we’ll get to roll through the skateplaza in 2013.  But before all that, we had to sit down for a a family dinner for New Year’s Eve.

It was a stressful job getting all these faces together in one place and many more were only there in spirit but it was all worth it.  Over these past 10 years one thing I’ve learned is that these types of traditions are important to Homebase.  Having shop contests, events and get together year after year our friends can look forward to are what makes us a family.  Looking forward to seeing the table get longer and longer filled with more faces.

Call it corny if want but this is why we do what we do at Homebase.  It’s not about a selective team, its not about winning contests, it’s not about being the best at skateboarding- it’s about the people who become pillars in your life because of skateboarding.

Happy New Year y’all.  Welcome to 2013.  Homebase re-opens tomorrow.

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