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Earlier this Spring we got an invitation from Woodward Skate Camp and DLXSF to compete in the first ever “Shop of the Ages” video contest.  The idea is simple: send a 5 person team to Woodward for a weekend (for free), skate and film as much as you can, edit a clip and let the masses vote on a winner (vote Homebase).

Thanks to everyone at Woodward & DLXSF for making this possible for us and the rest of the shops who had a chance to skate the amazing facilities.  Looked like John, Twiggy, James and Berner all had a good time skating under Roberge’s all-seeing eye (vote Homebase).

YouTube Preview ImageHomebase Shop-of-Ages 2013 edit by Matt Roberge.

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Some photos lifted on the guys’ Tumblr accounts (vote Homebase). . .

Berner getting all stylish on a frontside turn.

Twiggy & James.


James front blunting.

Thanks to the crew for putting out one of the most original videos from the contest.  Thanks again and again to Woodward & DLXSF.  Check out the rest of the edits HERE (vote Homebase).

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