The “ZA” Wins the 2013 Tribute to the Arts Award

Personally, I feel it’s awkward accepting praise for the Bethlehem Skateplaza since it’s construction wasn’t a singular act; there are many people who deserve credit for helping provide Bethlehem with “The ‘ZA.”

But tonight, I’m honored to be accepting a 2013 Tribute to the Arts awards from the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission for the contribution and impact the Bethlehem Skateplaza has had on our local arts community.

As skateboarders, we’ve always related skateboarding closer to an art-form more than a sport.  So to know that our arts community is starting to look at our culture in the same light as us because of a project I had a hand; to me, that’s where the true honor lies.  It’s not everyday you can open the eyes of a non-skater to look at the world thru ours.

The awards reception is tonight from 5:30 to 7pm at Atelier Dualis on Broad St.  It is open to the public- ticket purchase information can be found on the BFAC website.  I would be honored if anyone from the skateboard community chose to attend.

Thank you to everyone who continue support the skateplaza and it a positive & clean place for the community.

Find out how you can support the Bethlehem Skateplaza.

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