The Reason We Suffer for KOTV

When Ray from Lost Soul Skateboards and I sat down to plan out King of the Valley, we wanted to make it fun for you and your crew (or for you to torment each other), for it to challenge your skating (I still say a switch varial heelflip late shuvit is possible) and for it to do some lasting good for our skate community.

Thanks to a huge donation from Converse Skateboarding, we’ve been able to offer up a $500 cash prize to the winner that pulled in 21 teams from within and beyond the 610.  The beauty of it all is these 21 teams are all helping us improve and expand the Northampton Skatepark at the same time.

On Saturday June 29th, we will be hosting a HUGE BBQ & Jam at N-Town to help raise more money for the park and to celebrate the completion of our first King of the Valley contest.  This will be for everyone– not just KOTV Teams.  We’ll have the grill going, contests and prizes to giveaway.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY ALCOHOL TO THE PARK.

One way we’ve been able to help is with each team’s $25 entry fee.  Do the math and that’s $525 we have ready to donate to the DIY park for more concrete and other materials to keep the project going.

We’ve incorporated challenges into KOTV that give teams points for support the projecting by either donating needed materials or spending time volunteering at the park.

The teams can earn 75 points per team member that volunteers 2 hours at the park with Matt Hughes and Mike Brown who have really taken control of the park to make sure it’s a positive place that encourages all skaters and BMXers to build and use it together.  These points will be essential for any team entered in KOTV to win ensuring the park would get a good amount of help.

I had a chance to stop by the park this past Sunday to pitch in and while I was there the Dookie Booty Crew, Team Lost Soul, The GE Crew and Holistic Skateshop’s Crew from all the way out in Reading, PA all did a shift before the rain hit.

A lot of dirt was moved, pool coping donated by the Lanc ASS Turds was set in place and challenges on the polejam Homebase donated to the park were done.

Plus, Kyle Nicholson from Holistic Skateshop’s team put down a serious contender for the Converse “Sammy Baca Taildrop Challenge.” 

We won’t go into how many boards we’re focused that day due to inter-team rivalries but I will say, watch The GE Crew’s video for what might qualify as the winner for the L-R-G sponsored “Die Trying” Worst Slam Award.

Thanks to all the teams who took the time to help out and remember, on June 29th, we will be hosting our KOTV Closing BBQ & Jam at the Northampton Skatepark to raise more money for the park and have a good time.  All are invited- not just KOTV Teams.

For more information about the Northampton Skatepark and how you can help, please contact Matt Hughes at

And from the responses we’ve been getting about King of the Valley, it looks like everyone truly is having the best/worst time of their lives.



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