The Deals & Donations Continue

A HUGE thank you to all the people who came through the shop on Black Friday not only for our great deals but also to make donations to families displaced by Hurricane Sandy.  If you couldn’t make it, DON’T WORRY.  Our Black Friday Benefit Sale runs until Friday Nov. 30th.

Your used clothing, non-perishable food and home supply donations will be delivered to areas effected by Hurricane Sandy by Homebase & The Cornerstone E. Free Church to NJ Skateshop and heavily damaged parts of NY.  The outpouring of donations from our community is truly uplifting and brings light to the true meaning of the Holidays- helping others.

Thank you to everyone making donations.  Remember, we will be taking them until the end of the month and then making our deliveries.

Thank you as well to everyone choosing to support Homebase and other local businesses in our community.  We can only do the events, the demos or work towards building a bigger skateplaza with your support as customers.  We know you have many choices when it comes to buying shoes, clothing and decks and we know Homenase isn’t the biggest shop but to our customers who are committed to supporting us back- YOU ARE WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO.

Today is Small Business Saturday, a push to support the small guys in the big world of business.  One of the statistics they put out is “For everyone $100 spent at a local small business, $68 goes back to the community.”  Sometimes the reward for supporting small businesses is more than just money like in the case of the Bethlehem Skateplaza.  I know that I personally would not have been able to invest the time into the push for the skateplaza if people did not back Homebase.  For that I can’t thank you enough.

One more time. . . . the deals & donations don’t end until Friday November 30th.  PLUS!  We’ll be showing Gril & Chocolate Skateboard’s “Pretty Sweet” to close out the sale on Friday night.


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