Skateboarders vs. Sandy

Not to make light of anyone’s situation after Hurricane Sandy struck but we here in the 610 got off on the light side.  The majority of us suffered for a few days without power, inconvenient traffic and downed trees.

Again, if a tree fell into your home- I definitely feel for you and hope your insurance company is not jerking you around.  I am not making light of the situation but compared to devastation that tore through some of communities in NJ/NJ area- we did get off lucky.

As life gets back on track for us at Homebase and we’ve starting talking to our brand reps the stories from other shop owners about flooded skateshops,  basements full of shoes being lost and worst of all, people losing everything in their homes is heartbreaking.  But amidst all the tragedy come great stories of compassion from people who see beyond their own needs to help others.

Of course you can text the Red Cross and make a donation but personally, I feel that the grass roots efforts that are springing up to get the much needed items directly into the communities that are struggling are the best ways to help- if you are considering helping.  Yes, you have to get up off your ass and do something that might take you away from playing Halo or going to the skatepark but what’s the phrase . . .”Nothing worth doing is easy?”  Something like that.

The crew at NJ Skateshop headed up by Chris Nieratko has stepped up in a huge way.  Over the past few weeks even though they themselves were power-less and couldn’t conduct daily business at some of their locations they have been collecting supplies like monsters.  Using their ties to the skates industry, they have been pulling in boxes of product from almost ever major skate company on the West Coast to donate to the communities in NJ devastated by Sandy.  Following them on Instagram is like watching skate-celebrity charity telethon.  On top of that, the out pouring of support from less effected customers, friends and family are incredible.  This is only a small sample. . .

Rick Howard & a few hundred pairs of Lakai’s.

Guy Mariano & a crapload of Fourstar goods.

Wieger & boxes of pandas humping pandas merchandise.

Straight from the Black Box HQ to NJ.

Zoo York & NJ’s own Ron Diely with a carload fo’ the kids.

Skip from Reign Skate drove up from the Philly area to NJ to donate.  Skaters helping skaters is cool but skateshops helping skateshops . . . that restores your faith in the human race a little bit.

NJ Skateshop is still taking donations.  See their website for further details on how you can help now.

Real Skateboards is getting ready to use their Actions REALized Program to give back to the East Coast.  Look for these decks at Homebase as soon as they are available.  It’s a small constribution that also keeping you rolling.  A true win-win.

Yes, there are local families even in the 610 who need support right now.  If you feel the desire to donate, please go to your look City Council, church, school or community group and find out where you can give used clothing, non-perishable food, toiletries and other supplies you might be stock piling for no real reason.  I’m sure we all know (or are) people who take all the mini shampoos from hotels we stay in.  DONATE THEM!  You’re never really going to use them!

Or save all your donations til Black Friday Weekend when Homebase and Cap Cee of B104 will be working with the Cornerstone Church who is currently driving up supplies right to the NJ.NY area.

Bring some light to Black Friday Weekend.  Do a good deed, donate to those in need and get even greater discounts at Homebase.

Full details coming soon.



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