saugy session & premiere of “this time tomorrow” . . . tonight!

Just in case your count is off. . .

There is a Monday Night Saugy Session TONIGHT.

Today’s contest will be a big ol’ Game of SKATE (6:30p) free to anyone to enter.  Consider this the practice round for all of you entered in the official Saugy S.K.A.T.E. Showdown 2.

We do have 8 spots left in the tournament. $5 to enter, winner takes all.

See you at Keck Park from 5-8pm and then back to Homebase for the premiere of Chris Mulhern’s “This Time Tomorrow.” $1 to see the video tonight which also gets you a raffle ticket to win a copy of “TTT”

Keep in mind, this clip is off the footage that DIDN’T make it into Jimmy McDonald’s part:

YouTube Preview Image
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