Sandy’s Spots

Normally I would open with a joke.  Today though, after everything that has happened in and around our area as a result of Hurricane Sandy, I thought it would be more appropriate to start with this.  The storm really caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people, and if you click on that link you can find about ways in which you can help.

Even with all this going on, it’s important to remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining,  As we’ve all noticed, Sandy brought down a ton of trees, which pulled up a lot of sidewalks.  In short;  Sand created a pretty insane amount of skatespots in about 24 hours.

I found this photo on Exit Skateshop‘s instagram feed (@exitskateshop).  I’m not sure exactly where this one is, but I know it’s somewhere in Philly.  Happy hunting, and send me a photo when you get there.

This one’s pretty serious.  I’m sure by now the tree and car are out of the way, even though that does make it a little less exciting.  This one was posted up on Insta by @fromohio.

Well, we know this one’s definitely skateable.  This one comes to you courtesy of @greg_dobbs, and is seriously ridiculous.  Usually you’ll get a tree to pop up one sidewalk block, but three?  This one must be the megaramp of sidewalk bumps.

So now it’s your turn Lehigh Valley.  Send those photos of your new Sandy Spots to , post them to the Homebase Facebook page, or tag @hills_stills on Instagram, and I’ll put together another post featuring the new local spots.  Got footage of you and the homies skating the spot?  Even better.  Now get out there and skate 610.

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