Procrastinate Now: 8/11/13


Blogging live from the last day of Musikfest inside the HB Mobile Shop (AKA The Red Sweatbox) bringing you the latest local skate videos & photos for the week.

If you’re coming out for the fireworks tonight make sure you stop by and say “Hello.”  We’ll be parked by the Wooden Match all night for the fireworks and hopefully a lot later keeping the party going because when Musikfest ends . . . Summer ends.

Luis Castro, backside disaster.  (photo: Matt Pepe)

YouTube Preview Image . . . and the video footage of Luis’s back disaster.

YouTube Preview Image Amen for the 610 2 by Franz Dizon

YouTube Preview Image THEBLUEPARK by Matt Andersen

YouTube Preview ImageCOTD courtesy of X-Styles by Dale Purcell

YouTube Preview ImageShields Winter 2012-2013 courtesy of Prime Skateshop by Mike Cirasa

YouTube Preview ImageHI-8 Plaza by Matt Pepe

Jake Reppert, heelflip as dusk to shut down another Procrastinate Now post. (photo: Matt Pepe)

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