Procrastinate Now: 6/16/13

Being that it’s Father’s Day (hopefully you all had a chance to spend time with your Pops) here’s a photo of one of the raddest Dad’s I know riding a skateboard, Danny Pensyl.  Happy Father’s to all the Dad’s out there letting their kids skate.

Rad Dad Danny Pensyl, local crooked grind.  Photo by Max Zahradnik

YouTube Preview Image What could be the credits for LEMMEGETDATFOOTY by Matt Andersen

YouTube Preview Image Play for Keeps by Zachary Bruch

69 by Tyler Zosky

YouTube Preview Image iPhone Footage #1 by Dom Chiorra

YouTube Preview Image Throwaway Footy #2 by Jesse Heft courtesy of X-Styles Skateshop

YouTube Preview Image Brett Ross Throwaway by Zack Sayles courtesy of Kinetic Skateshop

YouTube Preview Image60 Seconds of Style by Quintin Sweeny

Have a good rest of your weekend y’all.  If you ever have a clip or photo you’d like us to post up, just send the link to:



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