Procrastinate Now: 5/19/13

Spent most of the week behind my computer wrapping up editing the new Homebase video, LEMMEGETDATFOOTY for the premiere on Friday May 31st at the Homebase 11th Anniversary party aaaaaaaaaaand, the kickoff to King of the Valley.  Got your team together?  More details coming this week about it.

Hyped to premiere this one.  It feels like our first video, City Without Spots with skaters from all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond.  All the footage was donated to me so I hope I can do it justice.  Only one way to find out. . .


YouTube Preview Image Basic Cable by Jake Reppert

YouTube Preview Image 420SK8 by Brendan Hendershot

YouTube Preview Image Trouble Makers by Matt Andersen

YouTube Preview Image Hobo Bill by Wizard Skull

YouTube Preview Image In the Parks: Penn Skate by Chip Carrier

YouTube Preview Image The Good Enough Trailer by Don Reed

Get that King of the Valley team together y’all.  Big money on the line . . . oh, and having fun too.



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