Procrastinate Now: 12/22/13


Running low on skate clips this week, I guess snow on the ground and 25 degree days don’t really help. . . or maybe people were so focused on shopping.  Yeah, maybe that’s it.  Either way, we have a few promo’s for some videos that will be coming out in 2014.

. . . and a HUGE last minute Holiday sale at Homebase too. 

Geech with a switch front blunt on a CT trip before Winter ruined everything.  | photo Rob Reed

YouTube Preview ImageL.E. 1.5 Promo by Jake Reppert

YouTube Preview ImageThe Porched Gang Promo by Chip Carrier

YouTube Preview Image Brovid 2: SPORTS! by Reign Skate

Dave Caddo’s part from People’s Temple by Politic Skateboards


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