Procrastinate Now:12/16/12

Tired after a busy weekend of skating and holiday shopping and not ready to get back to the weekday grind tomorrow?  There’s no need to worry about all of that just yet.  It’s time to procrastinate now.

Alex Duke’s been one of the homies for a long time, and he’s definitely still got the talent on his skateboard.  Check out this clip of Alex filmed mostly around his neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Have you skated phase two of the Bethlehem Skateplaza yet?  If not you better get there soon and catch up with Chris Berner screeching through back tails…if you can keep up with him, that is.  Photo: Matt Pepe.

YouTube Preview ImageIt’s definitely that time of year again.  The temperature is dropping and the weather is forcing us to skate indoors more and more.  AJ Rogers and Jesse Gangewere recently put out this clip demonstrating how to have a proper fun session when the weather intervenes.

Well, that’s going to do it for this week’s episode of Procrastinate Now.  Be sure to tune in next week to see what went down while you were busy doing something else.



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