Procrastinate Now 1/20/13

We’ve had an extremely busy week here at Homebase, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had our eye on the streets, keping up with what’s going on in the skate world.  So here, for your viewing pleasure, we present Procrastinate Now.

YouTube Preview ImageGabe Chandler puts in a lot of time at the Bethlehem Skateplaza, and this clip shows it pays off.  Was that last trick maybe a little techy Gabe? Klip by Karl.

Never a guy to back away from some seriously sketchy spots, John Shanahan takes one down the chute.  Photo by Matt Roberge.

Gary and the crew have been going to this ramp on Wednesdays for a while now, and he just put together this clip to show us just how much fun they’re having.  Nothing like some Steve and Sig footage.

And in the really exciting news of the week, we’re back!  Come say hello and check out the new shop layout.  Have a god week everyone.

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