Procrastinate Now: 12/01/13


Been a busy weekend at Homebase for Black Friday but I managed to find some local skate clips and photos in the interweb in between selling ridiculously cheap shoes and clothing.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our sale or chose to shop at a local small business rather than making some corporation even bigger than they already are.  Opening up to a line of 50+ people was crazy but I’m very thankful for it.    In the spirit of procrastinating, Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

Theo & Geech rolled up to Long Island this weekend to shred with the boys from The Northern Co.  I guess the freezing temperatures didn’t bother them so much. . . . gotta get it in while you can around this time of year.  Theo Korkidas coming in hot with a roll in directly into a brick wall you can’t see.  | photo Gary Hilegas



Mike Lent at the Pizza Palace by The Northern Co

Bologna Weekend by Lost Soul Skateboards

YouTube Preview ImageSix Ten Lifestyles 2 by Franz Dizon

YouTube Preview ImageCleaner Than Soap, Sloppier Than a Soup Sandwich by Caleb Shenkman

and one throwback, Harness the Gnarness with Mark Mullen by Josh Layton

Welcome to December y’all.  If you’re staying in those streets and making new clips, send them to

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