Not Working in NYC. . . just eating.

Sorry for the delay in getting the Spring on Fourth Pepper Eating Contest footage, Element Make It Count wrap-up and the full details to the upcoming KOTV video contest with CONS & Lost Soul Skateboards posted.  Not too mention I only have 20 more days til the premiere of the new Homebase video, “Lemmegetdatfooty” which also happens to be when we plan on starting KOTV too. . . . . . yeah, lots to do as always.

But, I had to take a weekend off.

Out here in NYC doing what I do best- eating good food thanks to my older brother picking up the bill.  I highly suggest if you’re in NYC and want a good meal, enjoy homemade Whiskey and appreciate a good green apple/basil sorbet then visit my friend Johnny who is the chef at Saxon + Parole on Bowery.

Woke up today to the noise of skating and it just happened to be 5Boro’s Jordan Trahan skating outside my window with Arto Saari, John Rattray and I think, Oscar Meza. Possible move to New Balance Numeric or just hanging with his WESC homies?

Speaking of WESC, they’re one of the sponsors of the of the Transworld “Come Up Tour.”    The contest is postponed til Sunday because of the rain we’re supposed to get today.

NYC is an awesome place to visit but I’m glad I live in the 610.

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