McRad x Nike SB

Today we proudly release a Nike SB collaboration with real ties to East Coast/Philadelphia skateboarding, The “McRad” Dunk High Premium.  Doors open at 11am, $125 each, one pair per customer, etc, etc…

The thing is, most of the people buying the shoes will have never have heard of McRad, Chuck Treece and probably never saw Public Domain so here’s a little insight….

In honor of Black History Month, Nike SB is honoring Chuck Treece, a Philly skater who was at one time sponsored by Powell-Peralta (…you know, Tony Hawk)and was also the first African American skater to grace the cover of Thrasher Magazine.  His band, McRad set of skate sessions all over the country in the 80’s.

YouTube Preview ImageOn the flip side, most skaters that love Chuck Treece’s music and the fact he still skates harder than most- myself included, will probably not spend $125 on this shoe but hopefully can appreciate that McRad is getting the attention it deserves.

To those who buy them- enjoy and take pride in the fact you’re wearing something that means a lot of a skater, musican and all around good guy.  McRad played a show in Bethlehem not too long ago and. . . .  it was rad.

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