Long Live the ‘Zine.

Technology is has drastically changed the way we get our news- especially when it comes to skateboarding.

YouTube Preview ImageInstead of waiting for the next 411VM video release we watch an endless stream of progression on YouTube or from a number of skateboarding websites. Ironically, I’ve used a YouTube video of a 411VM to reference it so in essence, technology is also helping us learn about our past too.  Whoooooooooa . . . so deep.

Long gone are the days of waiting to tear thru the latest Thrasher Magazine.  Sure, you flip through the shop display issue but it’s not the same because you’re so desensitized by the amount of coverage you’re over it before you’ve flipped to the next page.  We used to read the magazine’s cover to cover the day they arrived in our mailboxes . . . ah yes, I am old.

It’s been nice to see that certain types of skateboarding “media” have stuck around- like “zines.”  Locally, Jenny G & Nicki put together a good one called Shortwave that features skateboarding, art, music and chicanery.  Typically limited in quantity they are closer to a work of art than a form of media.

Spunk Skate Zine is the evolution of skate media combining the DIY aesthetic of a ‘zine and the technology behind full on skate websites.  I’ll just stop trying to describe it here because I feel like they’d be bummed on whatever description I come up with so with that said . . . . enjoy the photos below and go check it out for yourself.

Check it out because it features a photo Jay Sigafoos at Snake Side shot by Max Zahradnik too.

Long live skateboarding in whatever form it survives in.

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