Let the Fall events begin.

Summer’s gone.  Fall is setting in which mean’s the rush to enjoy what little time we have left on the East Coast to spend rolling around outside is about to begin.  There are skatejams, contests, art shows, shows, sessions and good times to be had every weekend in and around the 610 if you look hard enough . . . or check your Facebook Event invites.  Here’s an example:

Van’s is hosting events from Thursday through Saturday in NYC celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Half-Cab.

The Love & Guts Art Show.

Exist Skateshop’s Shop Showdown at the Reid Menzer Skatepark.

And of course . . . The Homebase Halloween Skate Jam.

Once we get more info, we’ll let you know about the Grand Opening of the Bethlehem Skateplaza’s 2nd Phase too.  Most likely happening in early November y’all.

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