KOTV: Know Thy Enemy

King of the Valley officially kicked off on Friday night during 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash behind the ‘BVSE.  Say that 5 times fast. . . .

The KOTV KING THANKS ALL the teams from all over the Lehigh Valley and as far out as the Poconos, Reading, Lehighton, Bucks County, Danville, Lancaster and Jersey came out to represent for their team and collect their KOTV Book-of-Challenges.  All together, there are 21 total teams with 6 area skateshops participating.  Thanks to J.Heim Photography for the photos too.

So with each team donating $25 to the Northampton DIY Park to enter, even after expenses are deducted- that’s still a HEFTY donation we’ll be investing to making N-Town a better place to skate.  Not to mention teams can earn extra points for donating materials and their time to help build the new obstacles there.  By the time we all get together at N-Town on June 29th, we hope too a whole new park built with the cooperation of both the skate & BMX community.


  • You MUST contact Matt Hughes and get his approval to help on a project by emailing him at: NtownSkatepark@gmail.com
  • You must get Matt on film verifying what you donated or did at N-Town to get the points
  • Matt Hughes has the right to deny points to teams that do not actually help him.

N-Town Challenge Amendments:

  • Max Points you can get from donating cinder block, bricks, fill or plywood: 350
  • Teams may only schedule 1 volunteer session at N-Town.  Max points: 375 (All 5 members working for 2 hours)

Now with all that said, get to know your enemy and keep a close watch when you see them in the streets. . . .

Converse Early Registration KOTV Teams:  The 1st 5 teams to completely & correctly register for KOTV.  Each member of the team will be receiving a FREE pair of CONS to skate in during KOTV.

  • Teams must contact Andy at Homebase (Shop@Homebase610.com) with the shoe sizes they need so we can schedule a pick up.
  • Shoes will be provided by what’s in-stock at Homebase.  Sizes not guaranteed and will be given on a first come, first served basis so contact us ASAP.
  • Keep in mind, CONS run about a half to full size big on most skaters.

Holistic Skateshop (Reading)

*Sorry guys, you must have gone up before our photographer got there!

The JDC (Lehigh Valley)

Dookie Booty Crew (Lehigh Valley)

Cobra Piss (Lehigh Valley)

Lost Soul Skateboards (Lehigh Valley)

*Only Ray Gurz is involved in judging and is not a part of the team

Good Luck to the rest of the teams.  Pictured are the teams that were present at the 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash in order of registration.

Team FunBox (Danville)

SkooKill Crew (Schuylkill Valley)

Texas Fold Em (Bangor/Poconos)

No Brains (Lehigh Valley)

HUF (Lehigh Valley)

Booze Cruise (Lehighton)

GE Crew (Lehigh Valley)

Team Happy Birthday (York)

The Lanc ASS Turds (Lancaster)

*Had to go back to Amish country before the party started.

Low Expectations (Lehigh Valley)

Team Nazo (Lehigh Valley)

Prime Skateshop (Hillsborough, NJ)

Porched Gang (Brodheadsville)

Knobels Crew (Lehigh Valley)

The APC (Quakertown)

Amateur Athlete (Lehigh Valley)

*Sorry guys, I refuse to call you by the name you wrote in because I’ve tried to rise above the idea that there’s “beef” between the skaters who support AA and those who support Homebase.     Welcome to KOTV!  Glad you guys are a part of it and hyped to see the new AA video you’re all working on.

For any further details about King of the Valley, please refer to the main KOTV post HERE.

If you can’t find the answer there, e-mail us at Shop@Homebase610.com.

Final word to all our teams, if you’re trying to find loopholes or ways around the wording in the Book-of-Challenges, keep in mind the judges will have final decision on everything and give/void points as we see fit.

KOTV is about having fun with your friends (maybe at their expense sometimes) but ultimately giving back and creating a more unified skateboard scene.

“Death to those who try to cheat.” – The KOTV King.


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