K.O.T.V. Video Contest Details

So you and your friends want to enter King of the Valley huh?  Rad.  Here’s what you’ll need to know and need to do. . . .

Download, READ, print & sign the KOTV Waiver.  This is the most important step.  We can’t recognize any team as part of the contest unless this waiver gets submitted.  Got it?  Good.  (Just in case, here’s the download link again)

Next, make sure you and your homies can pull together the $25 KOTV Entry Fee donation that will go to the Northampton DIY Park.  A big part of KOTV is giving back and building more places for people to skate on top of all the good times you’re about ti have with KOTV.  5 skaters, $5 a head.  Easy.

King of the Valley kicks-off on Friday May 31st during the Homebase 11th Anniversary Backyard Bash + premiere of LEMMEGETDATFOOTY.

For the rest of the information you’ll need to know, CLICK HERE.

Consider yourself invited to the party . . .

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