K.O.T.V. Polls Are NOW Open.

King of the Valley is over and done.  All the hurt and pain has all passed.  The money’s gone to New Jersey.  The challenge books are in a recycling center somewhere.  All you have left are the memories of skateboarding with your friends. . . .  well, that and all the KOTV video edits are forever on the internet.

The video with the most votes will get a prize pack from Homebase, Lost Soul Skateboards and Converse.

Voting starts NOW and ends at 7pm on July 31st. 

CLICK HERE and you will find all KOTV video edits, watch them and then select your favorite in the KOTV Voting Poll at the bottom of the page.

Yes, THIS IS a popularity contest- tell as many people about this.  One vote person.  Please do not attempt to hack the voting application, it’s really not that serious.  Prime Skateshop already took the $500. 

Again, thanks to all the teams that entered and special thanks to all the teams below that finished a KOTV video edit from the best/worst time of their lives.



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