How You Can “Make It Count” on Saturday

Element’s “Make It Count” isn’t just about sending someone to California- although someone is going- it’s always about giving back to the community.

That is why HOMEBASE WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY, we want to be able to give this event 100% of our attention to make sure everyone who comes has a good time so we’ll tell you this once- please don’t come to the shop.

GIVE BACK:  Whether you’re skating or not, you can help give back to the community or the future of the Bethlehem Skateplaza.

  • Spin the Raffle Wheel for a $1 donation to the Bethlehem Skateplaza for a chance to win prizes from Homebase, ABEmpire, The LVAC, Element & DC Shoes.
  • Buy-A-Brick Benefit.  It’s your LAST CHANCE to buy your custom engraved benefit brick before we start construction on the entrance plaza where the bricks will be laid.  We hope to see completion this Summer.  Come get a Buy-A-Brick form.
  • NCC x Homebase Summer Skate Camp.  Come pick up information on our upcoming skate camp starting in June through the NCC Horizons for Youth program.
  • All skaters entering the competition will be required to donate a canned good which will be given to the New Bethany Ministries food bank in South Bethlehem.


  • Registration starts at 12pm and ENDS at 1pm for both the 13 & under and 14 & over divisions.
  • The entry fee to enter the competition is a canned good to be donated to New Bethany Ministries.


Evan Smith & Donny Barley skated the plaza earlier today but in the end, the entire Element Crew will decided which obstacles will we’ll hold the jam sessions on on Saturday for Make It Count.  There will be several sections chosen to find a well rounded skater to send on that ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to California.

Could it be the banks to two set? (Beto, back lipslide)

Will it be on the Phase 2 Gap/Rail?  Most likely.  (Izzy, backside noseblunt)

The 10 Set?  Probably.  (Nate, front lipslide)

The new rainbow rail?  Who has that pop?

We have to get some transition in there.  Will it be the Volcano?  (John, tail tapper)

Come back on Sunday for No Board Left Behind.


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