Hey Bay Bay

So since we were making this road trip to Vegas, we decided it made perfect sense to continue driving “a little” out of our way to visit the homies up in Berkeley…

I had asked Mike Emery if he wanted to fly down to Las Vegas Friday night to hang out, and then ride up to Berkeley with us on Saturday.  He said he would see if he could fly stand-by, but then sent me a text explaining that he couldn’t get a seat and would just see us in Berkely.  Right after that, he sent me a text asking where he should meet me.  He was in Vegas. If you haven’t been to Las Vegas before, one thing that you need to understand is that it’s important to fit in- no one wants to look like a newbie.  Mike and I responded by dressing this way.  I think we nailed it.

After a night of crazy partying (read: ordering pizza and watching tv) in Vegas, it was time to head to California.  I’m sure you’ve all heard California is just full of amazing skatespots, and it’s all true.  We were barely over the CA border when we found this beauty of a handrail just asking to be sessioned. You won’t believe what Mike managed to pull on this thing, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for the footage to be released.

Eight short hours later and we were in Berkeley, and it was cold.  Mike couldn’t believe I had never thrown a broken skateboard on a fire before, so after we ran out of firewood, he tossed this fallen 5Boro soldier on.  Only a 5Boro board would burn in such a cool way.

On Sunday Mike took us out to see some of the area’s tourist attractions, beginning with Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe (where we actually wound up eating every day we were in Berkeley, it was that good).

This is Muir Woods National Forest, aka Endor, the forest moon.  The mountain roads headed into this park were seriously terrifying.

After Endor I insisted we head back down to sea level for the sake of my rapidly increasing anxiety.  The road down from Muir Woods to the Pacific: terrifying.

But you can only do the touristy stuff for so long, and we were ready for some skating.  Mike and Wes Buck kept telling me how much I would enjoy the Richmond Skateplaza, so we headed over there Monday afternoon.

The park was super fun, and a great example of how to make the best plaza possible, even with a limited amount of funding.  Local municipalities interested in putting in a park should definitely take note.

With all that skating and sight-seeing behind us, we decided it was time to relax and headed over to the local watering-hole for some hippie watching.

Like moths to a flame: apparently Mike and Kyle Dalrymple had never seen an outdoor heater before.

Thank you to Mike, Wes, and Kyle for being awesome hosts and tour guides.  Hopefully I’ll see you all again soon.

One last thing.  This sticker is in the Bay Are now.  If you’re ever out there and you see it, send me a picture, and I’ll give you a Homebase tee shirt or something.  Stop by and hang out with the homies while you’re there, I guarantee it’ll be a good time.


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