Halloween Skatejam 101: Zombie Edition

Today is Monday, October 22nd.  That means after today, you only have five days left to put together your costume for the 8th annual Homebase Halloween Skatejam.  I understand as well as anyone just how daunting a task that can be.  After all, if you blow it this year, you will have to wait another 365 days for redemption.  As much as I feel like a broken record saying this yet again, I’m here to help.  Below you will find a how-to guide to avoiding kook status at The Skating Dead, this year’s Homebase Halloween Skatejam.

Remember, we are going with a zombie theme at this year’s jam.  Please note Ray’s excellent use of zombie style here: the blood and grass-stained shirt, made-up face, and intense facial expression all scream “undead.”

Then, on the other hand, we have this.  I understand what Bill Mahr was going for here, but it just doesn’t feel right.  Though the stinger coming through the shirt is well done, and the cut-off sleeves certainly give it that “edgy” look, the whole thing just sort of comes off as cheap.  If you feel the need this year to go as a dead celebrity turned zombie, that’s fine.  But by all means, do a better job than Bill here, and lay off Steve Irwin.

Ladies, you too will be held accountable for your costume choices.  Here Alison demonstrates a proper female zombie get up (never mind the undead Justin Bieber to her right).  Pale skin, stitched up mouth, and blacked out eyes can really go a long way in giving off that zombie vibe.

DO NOT DO THIS.  If you happen to be pregnant; congratulations, it’s a beautiful thing.  For no reason should you take that beautiful thing and turn it into something like this.  Someday down the line your child might see this photo, and someday down the line your child might bludgeon you to death with the leg of a table.

Follow these instructions, and this event will be one we can all look back on fondly.  Don’t, and you might have to hear about it for the next 365 days and beyond…the pictures will be on the internet.  See you on the 28th.

YouTube Preview ImageP.S. Don’t do this either.


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