Halloween Jammin’ by Rob Reed

Since the video from the Halloween Jam is still in editing room, figured we’d share some photos taken by the very talented Rob Reed.

Halloween Jam Family Photo, 2013.

Andy V, doing it for “The Haters.”  He built the launch ramp (and those curved parking blocks) and he killed it.

You don’t even know how many hoops Nick T had to jump through to get to Bethlehem from Lancaster.

Lil’ John figured going thru the loop was ABD so he went over it.  No Bigs.

Best Trick Winner, Chris Berner.  Front blunt across and down the hubba.

Downhill Deathrace!

Not called a “deathrace” for nothing.

Motorhead took a tough slam but still came out on top with the fastest time down the hill.  Always crushing it from East Coast Skateboards.

We don’t to product tosses anymore.  We do Braveheart-style product charges.

Artistically, this photo sums up the whole day: fun + danger.

Thanks Rob Reed for sharing his flicks with us.  A full post on the way but for now, check out Rob’s  blog HERE for more amazing skate photos.


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