Get To Know: Matt Roberge

Matt Roberge has been filming and editing really great, original clips for a while now.  I finally got a chance to talk to him a little bit about exactly why he does what he does how he does it.

Matt has been logging skateboard videos for quite some time and his translation is always linked to his personality whether he is screaming after a trick or filming a bum with a guitar, the antics never end.   -Michael Jacob Baldini
Matts always got like 5 cameras on deck. He is constantly taking photos for his blog which is filled with gems, or filming for an edit/video. Whether he is filming or hangin out he is always fully swagged out in polo. You will never beat him in a long manual contest, or trampoline s.k.a.t.e.  -John Shanahan


For the past few years, we’ve all been hearing the HD vs. SD argument in skateboarding.  For your past couple clips though, you decided to go with VHS.  What inspired you to work with that dinosaur?

Well I think everyone’s seen the Palace clips. Those things are awesome. A couple people in snowboarding have been toying with them as well so I knew it was possible. Basically my dad brought one home from the recycling center with the charger and everything and I thought “why not”. I missed filming random shit with my digi cam so I just started carrying it in my bag filming things that look cool.  Another huge inspiration for the videos and in life in general is the caviar/56k videos that Peter Sidlauskas makes.

So if it fits in your camera bag, I’m guessing it’s not one of those crazy over the shoulder style cameras.  Is it one of the smaller VHS-C models or something?

Yea a VHS-C little guy.

What kind of work goes into editing one of these clips?  Do you do the old VCR to VCR hook up, or is there some sort of digital conversion involved?

I hook the camera up to another camera that hooks into the computer so it’s fairly simple.

It has to be hard to find tapes for that camera though, right?

Nah. they sell them at CVS still. I don’t know why.

Are you strictly into filming skateboarding, or do you dabble in other subjects as well?

I film snowboarding in the Winter and Summer and skateboaridng in the Spring and Fall.

 A filmer for all seasons then.

Filming skateboarding is kind of like my vacation even though it’s still a lot of work, it’s just more fun being in the streets.

Wait a second, where are you filming snowboarding in the summer?

High Cascade snowboard camp, on Mt hood in Oregon, pretty fucked up I guess.  High Cascade is a Summer camp for kids and adults I guess, just like Woodward.  I film allot of their online shit.

I have to admit, for a second there I pictured you cruising down sand dunes on a snowboard.

Hahaha.  That would suck.

Getting back to skateboarding, of all the dudes you film with on a regular basis, who’s the worst?

Hmmm.  I don’t know.

That was my attempt at stirring up some controversy. I guess I’m no Wolf Blitzer.

Well, ok.  I was gonna say I film three guys on a regular basis, Twiggy, John, and James.  So, out of those three, fuck it.  Let’s go with Twiggy just cause he’s from Bangor.

Hahahaha! Yes! He’s gonna be so psyched.  Now that I’ve gotten the dirt I wanted I guess we can wrap this up.  Got any thanks or shout outs?

Yeah, shout out to my foot work!  And also James Jucket for being the best.

Oh yea, just one more.  HD or SD?

I’m gonna have to say film.  16mm or super8.

Perfect. Thanks Matt.

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