Finally, Phase 2 Final Inspection on Thursday

Pray, cross your fingers, hold a horseshoe, pick up a Penny (heads up only) or rub a bald fat Asian man’s belly from now til Thursday at 9am because that’s when final inspection on Phase 2 will be happening.  I’M NOT SAYING THAT PHASE 2 WILL BE OPEN TO SKATE ON THURSDAY. . . but read on.

Phase 2 needs to go through all the appropriate steps.  Phase 2 has been sitting and curing peaceful (minus a few selfish idiots who jumped the fence and risked ruining it for the rest of us) since the end October when the last of the skateable cement was poured.  The phase can not open to the public without everyone from

  • The Parks Department
  • The design engineer
  • The City of Bethlehem Engineer
  • The architects

And everyone else who played a part in overseeing the building us our skateplaza agreed that EVERYTHING the contractors built was done to spec so paperwork could be signed and the City of Bethlehem could fully insure it.

Once it gets approval, the City of Bethlehem will announce when it will open to the public.  It has been decided since the project is opening so late in the year, a Grand Opening event with contests, pros and all that hype will happen in the Spring of 2013 after we get through the Winter weather.

I’M NOT SAYING THAT PHASE 2 WILL BE OPEN TO SKATE ON THURSDAY . . . the Mayor, the Parks Department and all the people who worked really hard on something they will never use themselves do deserve their moment in the spotlight.  MAYBE. . . . just maybe, if we all bring big THANK YOU signs on Thursday morning, they’ll cave in and let us skate BUT. . . only IF Phase 2 passes final inspection.

Only one way to find out and that’s by showing up tomorrow.

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