Feel Their Pain: The KOTV Challenge Book

We’re a week into King of the Valley now.  Points are being scored, clips are getting stacked and for some, the pain of actually skating day after day is taking its toll.  

No judgement here. I get sore after pushing down the block to get a burrito.

Want to know what the 21 KOTV Teams are up against? 

Download the KOTV Book of Challenges HERE.

If you decide to join KOTV in 2014, here’s some advice from some of the teams going through it now.

Team Lanc ASS Turds suggests stretching before every session.  Yoga isn’t just for hot girls.

Dress appropriately.  You might take some slams so don’t wear anything you don’t want getting dirty or in Team Porched Gang’s case, you don’t want anyone ripping the back pocket off.

If you suffer any minor scrapes, the GE Crew recommends you  use a Homebase sticker as a band-aid.

Staying hydrated is the key to Team Cobra Piss’s success.  Although you may not want shotgun 3 “beverages” without burping before any other challenges.



Taking care of yourself after the session is just as important as stretching before it.  Prime Skateshop know’s how to keep those feet feeling fresh for the next day of challenges.

Lastly, team work is essential.  So when your team needs you to ride piggy back while your team mate drops in on a ramp- make sure you step up to the challenge.  Just as The Knobels Crew.

To all teams participating in King of the Valley, meet up at the Bethlehem Skateplaza on June 15th for a chance to score extra points and prizes while you shame other teams.

It’s not mandatory but it’d be a whole lot cooler if you came out.



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