Don’t Let Winter Win On Friday


Was it all a dream?  Did we really get a weekend of outdoor skating since 2014 started?  It’s been such a brutal Winter I know most of you who read this website and skate are going stir crazy.  I take that back . . . .I think everyone is going stir crazy.

Did you guys really get to session the skateplaza?

Did John really backside 50-50 this wall of a ledge without having to shovel out the runway?  Photo || Dmitri Cobb

Did another 8 inches of snow really just fall out of the sky yesterday?  Yup.  Is another 8 inches supposed to fall on us tonight?  YUP.  

Be strong. . . don’t let Winter win.


Come out to Homebase’s Bi-Weekly IN-STORE Game of S.K.A.T.E. Tournament & Skate Video Night starting this Friday at 8pm.  The first 8 skaters with the $10 buy-in get to play S.K.A.T.E.  Even if you don’t have the cash, come out any way because maybe one of the Homebase staff will “sponsor” you for the night and pay to let you play.  Plus, there will be FREE PIZZA and a skate video premiere.

YouTube Preview ImageThis Friday we will be premiering Chip Carrier’s “Porched Gang” video.  Don’t watch this trailer if you have a easily upset stomach or lack of sense of humor.

. . . . and for those who stick around after the video, we’re going to have a special musical guest(s) as well.  So don’t sit inside playing online video games all night.  Get down to the only skateshop in Bethlehem that understands how crappy Winter is for skateboarders.


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