Christmas Completed!

A real skateboard isn’t the cheapest gift in the world for a parent to buy- especially in this economy.  But for some kids, once they set foot on one they’ll never stop pushing.  That “wooden toy” can take them to farthest reaches of the world, lifelong friendships and sometimes, it pulls them away from the things that could ruin their lives.  You can’t put a price on that.

We truly believe that at Homebase.  That’s why we’ve worked so hard to represent skateboarding in a positive light through our shop and the Bethlehem Skateplaza.  Through our shared love of skating there’s now a sense of community in our skate scene.  We take care of each other.

That sense of community has created one of my favorite Homebase traditions around the Holiday Season: Giving out Christmas Completes.  An anonymous friend wanted to donate the funds to buy some less fortunate skaters boards and asked us to help them find the right kids.  Once we let the rest of the skate community know the plan, more and more people stepped up to donate.  This year we started with 5 completes and ended up giving out 10.  As much as I’d like to name each and everyone one of these people to give them the recognition they deserve- I have to respect their wishes.  I will say we did  have a pro skater and a skateshop in Grand Rapids Michigan donate parts for these completes too.  For me, that was a sign we were doing something really special to get that kind of support.

I must stress, we here at Homebase only use our connections to this community to get the word out about this giveaway.  The real heroes here are the donors are the ones who make this financially possible and all the people who took the time to recommend a skater-in-need to us.

This is a clear example of the older generation of skateboarders selflessly giving back to the younger generation.  If that isn’t the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what it. 

Again, thanks to all our donors and the people who took the time to recommend these kids.  You made their Christmas morning.

The Rodriguez Family for Jomar Rodriguez

Joseph Castillo

Christopher Ohmacht

Anthony Maronese

Axel Fontanez


Damien Bermudez

Axel Suarez

Loren Reifsnider

Erika Cora for Yheodis

We had the pleasure of seeing and hearing all the gratitude shown by the kids and families as well as compliments from the rest of the community but again, this is all possible because of some very generous donors.  We are only the middlemen trying to bridge their generosity but we are happy to be part of it every step of the way.

It feels amazing reading messages like this:I’d like to thank you guys and the donors of the complete decks from the very bottom of my heart for picking my girlfriends son as one of your winners. For any that are new to the 610 or skate scene these guys at homebase are all about the community and genuinely care about their customers! I encourage all to bring and/or keep your business with a company that has our (the consumers) best interest/hobby placed first on their agenda! Thank you again guys!”

Happy Holidays y’all.

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