Brendan’s Year in Review

So everyone knows that skateboarder who always has something to say about everything, right?.  Around here, Brendan Spohn is that skateboarder.  Forever on the internet, Brendan’s one of the biggest skate nerds I know, and he’ll never shy away from telling you what he does or does not like in skateboarding- and I love it.

YouTube Preview ImageDid I mention he’s also an amazing skateboarder?  This is Brendan’s part from Lost Soul’sModern Needs.”  Even Theotis was psyched.

One of my favorite things about Brendan’s skating has definitely always been his style.  Fast, powerful, with tons of pop and zero lag leg, like on this three flip here.  Photo by Mike Emery.

Remember when I mentioned that Brendan knows what he does and doesn’t like about skateboarding?  Well, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him and picking his brain about a few often discussed topics of 2012 to see what he had to say.  I hope you will enjoy watching this, because I definitely enjoyed working on it.

Thanks again for doing this Brendan.  I’m looking forward to another round next year.


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