bethlehem skateplaza phase 1 is complete & grand opening details

Fin.  Done.  Complete.

Y’all already know the story, I’ve told it millions of times.  You just want to skate it.  I get know- me too BUT. . .


I can not stress enough that this is JUST THE BEGINNING.

Your continued support and cooperation are essential to getting the rest of the skateplaza completed.  We don’t just need funds to make sure the rest is built, we need EVERYONE TO HELP CARE OF THE SKATEPLAZA.

The City of Bethlehem is doing a lot for us by building a skateplaza of this size for us to skate and ride FOR FREE.  There is a portion of the public that is saying this will only attract drugs, litter, fighting, drinking and graffiti.

We need to prove them wrong.

We can do that by working together to clean the the plaza.  We can get along with our fellow BMXers and skaters.  We can peacefully police the skateplaza and make sure we’re not the ones causing porblems.  Only skating and riding the plaza during hours the hours of operation is going to be a big way we can show the City we can abide by their rules.  If we do, we’ll be able to get lights and the rest of the plaza.

Obviously there’s no way to prevent 100% of these issues but that’s where the real Police come into place.  Camera’s have been installed to watch us and watch out for our best interests when we aren’t there.  Motion detectors will turn the cameras on and alert the Police if anyone is in the park after hours– riding or causing other problems.

We’ve poured as much of the cement as we could but as you can there’s so much more we need to built.  The overpass in the distance is how far the completed skateplaza can stretch to if we all work together.  I can’t even believe how big the skateplaza will be- it’s surreal.  This is not something that will take another 5-10 years either, we already have the funding for the 10-stair obstacle and we have a good lead on a sponsor for the obstacle that is next to it.  The City is confident that those two obstacles will be completed by the end of the year.  We will have half the skateplaza completed if it happens.

Final details for the Grand Opening event are being planned and put onto flyers but here’s the breakdown just so you know and so you can tell all your friends.

Friday July 16th:  Ribbon Cutting Day

4:00PM: Ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor John Callahan & The City of Bethlehem.

Once the ribbon is cut the skateplaza will be open for all skaters and BMXers to ride for the first time.

4:30PM: Benefit concert with The Sandlot Heroes and B104’s Cap Cee.

Open skating and BMXing will go on til the sun goes down.

Saturday July 17th:  An All Day Skateboarding Grand Opening Event

* We’re requesting all BMX riders not ride on Saturday and all skateboarder not skate on Sunday for the opening weekend.

Open skateboarding til 12pm.

12pm- 1:00pm: Demo and autograph signing by 5Boro Skateboards and other guest pro/am skaters

1:00pm-3:00pm: Regional Skateshop Team Contest.

– Register at the Homebase table before 12pm

– Registration fee is $30.  The money will be pooled and the winning shop will take the cash.

– Sponsors and judges to be announced.

3:00pm til 8pm: Open skating and performances from local bands and Cap Cee

Benefit Raffles & Giveaways: Prizes will be given out at the Homebase table on the Raffle Wheel for a donation to the Bethlehem Skateplaza.

Benefit Food & Drinks: Will be sold by the City of Bethlehem to raise money for the skateplaza as well

Sponsors and Guest Pro/Am Skaters will be announced too.

Sunday July 18th:  An All Day BMX Grand Opening Event:

*Again, we respectfully ask all skateboarder to stay off the skateplaza this day for the BMXers.

Contact The Source Bikeshop for more details. I hear the Animal Bikes team will be there and they’re getting a lot of giveaways for you too.

Homebase will be there to support the BMXers as well because this is for all of us.

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