Back to the Bull City

As some of you know may know this already, but I spent some time living in North Carolina a few years back.  I’m currently back in the area visiting friends and family for Thanksgiving, so you know I had to get some skating in.

If you’ve never made a trip down here, I strongly suggest you get to it.  There are a ton of spots, old and new.  You probably recognize the Durham Courthouse from countless videos.  With today being a Monday and all, I didn’t get to skate it, but I had to stop by for old times sake anyway.  There’s still one of the long marble benches on the other end, and a couple rails around the corner.  Definitely a spot worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Durham…on a weekend.

Unfortunately for me, the Durham Skateplaza was opened about a year after I moved back to PA.  Fortunately, though, for everyone who still lives here, it’s here to stay.  Located right in downtown Durham, it’s got something for everyone.  Big ledges, little ledges, big tranny, and little tranny, it’s all there.

And if you ever do make it down, you’ll be glad to find the locals are super chill.  I met up with my friend Kohen at the park, and all the other kids who showed up later were down to hang out and do some skating with us too.  Thanks to Kohen, Trey, and the kid who’s name I forgot for letting me point my phone at them.  I already can’t wait to make it back.

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