A Time For LOVE

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day, a holiday probably hated by some as much as it’s loved by others, is right around the corner.  Now you may think us skateboarders don’t really care too much about silly little things like love, but you couldn’t be more wrong. . .

We have tremendous respect for LOVE.  So I was thinking, what would be more appropriate this week, than to go over a brief history of some of the greatest love stories ever told.  Over the years, many men have stepped up to one of the most challenging aspects of love, and a minority have triumphed.  Turn up the Metallica/ Scorpions/ Big L (it really depends on which era you’re watching) and lets talk Love Gap.  Note:  this is by no means a fully comprehensive history of what’s gone down, but rather a brief run down of a few of the most memorable moments for me personally and certainly enough to get you some points at trivia this week- hint, hint.

There have always been rumors that a local (Choppy Omega) did it first, but the general consensus is that Vinnie Ponte was the one to get the party started with the first ollie down the Love Gap back around 1994.

YouTube Preview ImageI’ll never forget the first time I saw this one.  Toy Machine’s “Jump Off A Building”  was one of the first videos I ever bought.  I didn’t even know what the Love Gap was at the time, but I knew for damn sure it was huge.  This forever changed the way I thought kickflips should be done.  Kerry Getz, 1997.  (The kickflip comes up at 2:27, but I know no one’s going to mind watching the whole thing.)

YouTube Preview ImageJust a couple years after that kickflip, things started going down a bit more quickly.  This wasn’t the very next trick to get crossed off the list (you’re damn right I count Jeremy Wray’s frontside 360 as a make!), but it sure was a beauty.  Andrew Reynolds with the frontside flip like Andrew Reynolds does.

The youngin’s from the Sovereign Sect really stepped it up at Love in the early 200’s and even the gap wasn’t saved from the slaughter.  Gotta give it up to Pappalardo for coming through with the switch ollie (and damn near a switch kickflip) and young Brian Wenning here for roping in the switch backside 180.  (Side note:  I’ve always been a huge Wenning fan, but something tells me we’re not going to be seeing anything like this from him again anytime soon.)

YouTube Preview ImageOh yeah, I don’t know if you heard, but Chris Cole made a couple to the visits to the fountain as well.  Actually, he destroyed it.  Switch frontside flip, backside flip, tre flip, and of course, the backside 360 at 3:00 in this insane part from Fallen’s “Ride the Sky.”

Let’s keep it in the Fallen family and move along to this switch heelflip from Tom Asta.  Wenning came close years before, but Asta was the first to finally knock this one out (note:  credit has to be given to Tom for the switch frontside heel too.)

Enter Ishod Wair.  I know, I know, he switched flipped it too, but I like this photo better and I’m the one writing the post.  According to Po, who was there at the time, this front shove went down something like 3rd try.  The kid just kills it.

YouTube Preview ImageIf you were at the Homebase premier for “Sabotage 3” a couple weeks ago, then you definitely know about this one.  From the looks of it  no one bothered to tell Mark Suciu how hard it is supposed to be to varial heel the gap.

There you have it, a brief history of the Love Gap.  Again, this will be on the test February 15th, so make sure you study up and come out.  Also, this may or may not be on the test, but it’s definitely worth checking out.



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