43 magazine: better late than never

I ran into Allen Ying at The House of Vans during Agenda NY (a post I need to work on) and I mentioned that we never received the first issue of his skate magazine, “43.” Looking truly puzzled, he said he was sure our package of issue #1 went out.  I imagine he does a lot of the work himself so it’s not like he doesn’t already have enough to do creating an independently published, non-profit skateboard magazine without having to worry if a skateshop in who-knows-where Pennsylvania got it.  But we sorted it out and 43 will be in Homebase soon and yes, he knows where Bethlehem is.

In an age where we might witness the end of printed newspapers and magazines to make way for websites, blogs and Tumblr it’s inspiring to see someone going against the grain to go back to the root of why a tangible, well-published, artfully driven ‘zine with creative content at the helm- rather than ads, will never fade away.

Yes, you can always come into Homebase and read the latest Skateboard Mag or Thrasher, pick up the latest issue of Lowcard or Focus for free but 43 will be the only magazine we will sell.  I’ll let Allen explain why. . .

43 is not a typical disposable skateboard magazine.
– independent, non-profit, skateboard magazine dedicated to quality, photography, and arts.
– the only skateboard magazine based in new york city
– features skateboarders from across the US
– features photographers from around the world
– published quarterly
– there are very minimal ads
– with high quality printing, paper, and photography.
– it has an art/photo book quality.
43 is looking to support skate shops, and the culture around them.

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